After interim review, we took a walk in the afternoon.

How a beautiful day in Sheffield~ I breathed a lot and felt satisfied in this moment.

And I suddenly felt appreciated all of the things, including the chaos period.

When I thought of you, and  I tried to think the conversations in the records. 

Everything is nothing right now, however, it does not mean I could deny what we happened in that time.

You could not understand what I suffer from you and how can I overcome it , meanwhile, another guy suffered the same thing.

Sometime I may feel a bit guilty, but I still believe I did the right thing in this situation. You are sucks, no doubt!

Even though, I never blame and be mad at you, it is all my decisions. 

I am not sure if these accidents did not happened, what it looks like now? 

Actually, I have my problems with him indeed, as a lot of things combine together, it becomes disaster in the end.

I am not satisfied with too many thing, however, I could not complain, either talk to others.

It seems like I pretend everything is fine and no problems. Yes~how fake is it?

After one year, the best thing I realizes is both of you are not right person. I could not get along with you for my life.

Therefore, no more need to regret and sorrow. 

Life is still going on and wonderful! I hope you may feel better now and you could stop cheating others anymore.

If I could have a new life with someone, I still may appreciate what I have learned from you.

These are my lessons in my life! 
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